Sunday, 22 April 2012

Change of tactics

A painters nightmare for the last 6 months
Painters Block
Argh horrible time of it.
So i needed a new direction a new tactic if i was to beat this ,So after many months away from this project i cleared the study room had a redesign even moved the pictures on the walls around ,but something was still missing .
I clearly knew what it was i was tried of using the same old paints and same old routine.
Another Foundry order was needed this time there paint system purchased 6 lots of there threesomes with is enough for this project i will expand the range in time but the basic are here .well i couldn't leave it at that with the narrow workspace i have space is a premium so hopefully getting a painting rack system commissioned fingers crossed .
So a new sense of order has been established and even got around to painting some caesarian shields just to get back into the feeling I'm hoping to get a some shields done each night after work and once there done start working through the figures ,i have been looking forward to this moment as i feared id lose interest in this project
we live to fight another day

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Primed for painting

At last here is some pictures of the start of my armies i say that because im having to build two armies so we can have roman civil war battles between friends who both are new to WAB so this will be a interesting period to game.
On a good note ive managed to acquire a mounted general  from Aventine already painted off evil bay so hope to have it soon slowly all coming together still a lot of painting to do and ive decided ill be using simple painting system of base colour and dipping using Army painters strong tone
i saw on Model Roman Army blog simple but tasteful and good on the eye hopefully i will speed things up also.
sorry about the pictures mobile phone camera isn't that good

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More Romans

Well with the great weather were having  and feeling good factor,i got an order in with caliver books .Have dealt with caliver before but hope they managed to get the foundry figures i require cos they sold out at foundry.
My army requires some raw legionnaire units so another two are on route brings my total to
8x 18 man cohorts
as soon as i can ill get some photos on here

I've started cleaning my  figures ready for priming the shields are primed ready to paint so hopefully the good weather will continue for the weekend we will see.. 
Next will be cavalry not decided which to have in my legio yet so will ponder some more

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Legion's Rise

Never did i think for one minute i'd fall into gaming ancients to leave my beloved redcoats was unthinkable however its happened and I'm dealing with it. On the upturn of this I've realized what a great period to be involved in So i turned to foundry for their cesarean roman range which is one one of those you love em or hate em,to which i love em they've got the character's and the poses to match and a good range. However choosing wasn't that simple as i thought, it would take many lists to be drawn up before getting some sort of plan i was happy with.
Having placed 3 orders over 3 months Ive got the start of an army hopefully to be proud of. Many problems Ive encountered as been how to put this army together after many hours of reading asking questions and still asking questions Ive got the basics to start with so far

6 x 18 man cohorts

with centurions as commanders

Still haven't decided on my General yet but I've seen a nice one at Aventine miniatures so we shall see.As for cavalry that's a harder question to answer as i was thinking about Roman Civil Wars for Caesar v Pompey. I do like the allied Gallic cavalry from foundry but would look out of place in North Africa more questions to be asked i think.

Ive also purchased my first rule book in this period and gone for Warhammer Ancient Wars WAB2 book with supplement for Spartacus .

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Beginning

After reading many blogs and looking at painted roman from other blogger's bigredbat and model roman army to name a few i had a thought about doing the same.

Thinking this would be easy couldn't be further away from the truth Romans are Romans right.


To you whom know your roman history its a great vast period of many centuries which had vast changes of technology's tactics uniforms and locations finally more important vast enemy's to defeat control and conquer.

What an empire so choosing which period wasn't easy and to be honest clueless i liked Foundry's Romans so went with them simples.

So ive got a start of an army to paint 120 in fact so now the weather will hopefully improve now i can get started.