Sunday, 22 April 2012

Change of tactics

A painters nightmare for the last 6 months
Painters Block
Argh horrible time of it.
So i needed a new direction a new tactic if i was to beat this ,So after many months away from this project i cleared the study room had a redesign even moved the pictures on the walls around ,but something was still missing .
I clearly knew what it was i was tried of using the same old paints and same old routine.
Another Foundry order was needed this time there paint system purchased 6 lots of there threesomes with is enough for this project i will expand the range in time but the basic are here .well i couldn't leave it at that with the narrow workspace i have space is a premium so hopefully getting a painting rack system commissioned fingers crossed .
So a new sense of order has been established and even got around to painting some caesarian shields just to get back into the feeling I'm hoping to get a some shields done each night after work and once there done start working through the figures ,i have been looking forward to this moment as i feared id lose interest in this project
we live to fight another day