Sunday, 13 March 2011

Legion's Rise

Never did i think for one minute i'd fall into gaming ancients to leave my beloved redcoats was unthinkable however its happened and I'm dealing with it. On the upturn of this I've realized what a great period to be involved in So i turned to foundry for their cesarean roman range which is one one of those you love em or hate em,to which i love em they've got the character's and the poses to match and a good range. However choosing wasn't that simple as i thought, it would take many lists to be drawn up before getting some sort of plan i was happy with.
Having placed 3 orders over 3 months Ive got the start of an army hopefully to be proud of. Many problems Ive encountered as been how to put this army together after many hours of reading asking questions and still asking questions Ive got the basics to start with so far

6 x 18 man cohorts

with centurions as commanders

Still haven't decided on my General yet but I've seen a nice one at Aventine miniatures so we shall see.As for cavalry that's a harder question to answer as i was thinking about Roman Civil Wars for Caesar v Pompey. I do like the allied Gallic cavalry from foundry but would look out of place in North Africa more questions to be asked i think.

Ive also purchased my first rule book in this period and gone for Warhammer Ancient Wars WAB2 book with supplement for Spartacus .